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As Law Firm LAW & CONSULTANCY we show maximum sensitivity to the security of your data. In this direction; We attach importance to the processing and storage of all kinds of personal data belonging to our clients, prospective clients, employees, business partners, website visitors, and employee candidates who apply to our office by the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698

Within the scope of our lighting obligation; We would like to inform you about the purposes of processing your data, to whom and for what purpose, the collection methods, legal reasons, and your rights with this Clarification Text. As a data controller, Law Firm LAW & CONSULTANCY collects, processes, updates, stores, classifies, discloses, or transfers the personal data of its clients, clients, and visitors to the website and law forum site through various forms, e-mail, telephone, or other conventional methods, to third parties when necessary. However, Law Firm LAW & CONSULTANCY, protect your data by taking the necessary technical and administrative measures as per the law numbered 6698. Personal data; means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Processing of personal data; all kinds of personal data, including the acquisition, recording, storage, preservation, modification, reorganization, disclosure, transfer, transfer, making available, classification, prevention of use, deletion, destruction, or anonymization after collection is activity. Collection and Processing of Personal Data

Law Firm LAW & CONSULTANCY is the data controller regarding your data processed on the website, in the forum section of the website, and the law firm.

The following data can be collected electronically through the forms physically prepared in the office or on the website (via the website and forum section) in line with your declaration, information, and consent:

If you contact us on our website using the information form in the contact section, your name and surname, your e-mail and telephone number, and the personal information you provide in the form can be collected and processed by us.

The pseudonym or real name you use in the forum section, your e-mail, and other personal data you write with your consent in the message are collected and processed. Due to legal obligation; regarding your visit to the website; connection/exit date and time information, internet protocol, source, and destination information, and location information, enabling you to use the website more effectively, easily, and quickly, customizing the site services and activities in line with your needs, enabling third-party websites to offer you more suitable services and offers. The data collected by the cookies used to provide are collected and processed Purposes of Processing Your Personal Data

Your personal data; to carry out the necessary studies for you to benefit from the services and activities of attorneyship, to provide the necessary technical support and quality in line with your requests, by customizing the services and activities offered by Law Firm LAW & CONSULTANCY according to your taste, usage style, and needs,

To be able to share quickly and unhindered by linking the site with social networks,

Answering all your questions and complaints regarding our services and activities, Taking all necessary technical and administrative measures within the scope of data security,

Obtaining the necessary information and conducting administrative operations in line with the requests and inspections of regulatory and supervisory institutions and official authorities,

To systematize the information shared in the Forum section and present it to the user, it may be processed to fulfill our legal obligations as stipulated and mandated by legal regulations, such as the processing of online visitor data by the relevant legislation. Transfer of Your Personal Data

Law Firm LAW & CONSULTANCY may share or transfer personal data to realize the personal data processing purposes specified in the Clarification Text regarding the activities it carries out and for the purposes stated below. Your personal data can be sent to your authorized representatives and representatives, regulatory and supervisory institutions, other official institutions such as courts and enforcement offices, other public institutions or organizations authorized to request your personal data, personal data processing specified in Articles 8 and 9 of Law No. 6698. be transferred by its terms and purposes. Your Rights Regarding the Protection of Personal Data

By applying to Law Firm LAW & CONSULTANCY; a) Learning whether personal data is processed or not, b) If personal data has been processed, requesting information about it, c) Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used by its purpose, d) To know the third parties to whom personal data is transferred in the country or abroad, e) Requesting correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing, f) Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data, g) Requesting notification of the transactions made under subparagraphs (d) and (e) to third parties to whom personal data has been transferred, h) Objecting to the emergence of a result against the person himself by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems, j) In case of damage due to unlawful processing of personal data, you can request compensation for the damage. How to Use Your Right to Apply

You can submit your request regarding the exercise of your above-mentioned rights in writing or by using the e-mail address previously notified to Law Firm LAW & CONSULTANCY Bureau and registered in our system. Before responding, Law Firm LAW & CONSULTANCY Bureau reserves the right to request additional documents from the applicant to determine whether he/she has personal data. In your application; Your name, surname and, if the application is written, your signature, For citizens of the Republic of Turkey, T.R. your identity number, your nationality if you are a foreigner, your passport number or your identity number if any, Your place of residence or workplace address for notification, Your e-mail address, telephone, and fax number, if any, It is obligatory to have the subject of your request, and the information and documents related to the subject, if any, must be attached to the application. You must submit your written applications to the address specified on our website, by attaching the necessary documents. If the conclusion of the aforementioned requests requires an additional cost, the fee in the tariff determined by the Board will be charged from the applicant. You can submit your requests by letter, telephone, or e-mail, by applying in person or through a notary public. Your requests will be finalized free of charge, within 30 days at the latest, from the date they are sent to us. Explicit Consent or Consent Text Within the framework of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, my personal/private personal data; physically at the office address, website, or forum section, recording, storing, changing, updating, classifying, keeping them for the period required for the purpose for which they are processed or for the period stipulated in the relevant law, for legal reasons or due to the nature of the work done, I give my explicit consent to the processing as explained above, including sharing it with other persons and transferring it abroad, in a way that leaves no room for hesitation, in an informed and enlightened manner